Z-ton dances

What a great way to relax… SEEING Z-TON DANCE! This video may be weird but I love it. It is the Ultraman Monster Z-ton dancing! Now let’s just enjoy this video

Ahhhh! 1 minute and 30 seconds of wonder! You agree right?


Flufy’s Meow Meows Club

I think that this won’t be my only flufy site. I will make 6 sites. My next will be called FLUFY’S MEOW MEOWS CLUB! But the bad part is the Woof Woofs Club is not to friendly to them so they fight back. I am almost 9 and I am planning to make the website at the age of 12 or 13 or mabye younger. But on the down side, I might be older than 13. Don’t worry! The woofs are all not real! On the website it will say if you want to join. Have fun when you about 5 years older!