Flufy News 7/25/12

I finally finished my videos and I will soon upload them so stay tuned. But I will give you a sneak peak of my next videos. Here they are

1-Ultraman Gaia episode 6-Metron Attack

2-Flufy’s Doom episode 2-I TOLD YOU NO STEWARTS ORANGE N CREAM!!!

3-A Walkthrough of Ultraman Monster Crisis (Because I love the game)

So I will start uploading my videos but I need Mom to upload them. So I must start filmn my new videos!

Sorry this was uploaded late

The Flufy News 7/20/2012

Welcome to The Flufy News. I have been thinking that I will have lots of videos planned. But, who cares. I mean its just a video. So i will tell you some future videos.

First, I will make Super Flufy Episode 2-This height is crazy

Second, There will be Ultraman Gaia Episode 5-Maguma Strikes

Last, I will have made a new Flufy series called Flufy’s Doom.

You might want to see this video below. I might do this on other Flufy news episodes. Just to let you know. I will be saying more stuff as days go by so stay tuned!