Flufian Tournament Rounds 5 + 6 and Ultraman Monster Crisis Walkthrough Trailer!

Round 5 of the Flufian Tournament:

Round 6:

Also as I mentioned a few other times on this blog, I do walkthroughs on games I own. Here is a trailer for my new Ultraman Monster Crisis Walkthrough:

I hope you enjoy the walkthroughs I make in the future!


Ultraman: How to make King Pandon out of Clay!

Yes! King Pandon is up. Also, here are various playlists of seriesesesees that I have

Ultraman Gaia:

Flufy’s Doom:

Flufy VS Charles Dickens:

You can find my walkthroughs on my channel on YouTube! I do them in what I hope is a funny way

Hey guys its Flufy here! And on my Youtube channel, I made a Flufian Tournament! It is where guys from Ultraman Gaia, Mechagodzilla the Happy, Man and my Flufy Shows (Flufy’s Doom, Flufy VS Charles Dickens, etc.) All of them compete in a tournament. I already have the first 3 rounds up!