Flufian Announcement + Flufy News 8/24/13

You may not know this, but Ive been active alot on my Youtube channel since April. I just feel like telling you some things. Ive been doing Walkthroughs, I finished Flufys Doom, I started my new series Flufy VS Charles Dickens and I even did A Change Of Fluf, where I do things I dont usually do. Ultraman Gaia has not been finished, but its still going on. So far there are 18 episodes. My past 3 months have been packed of Flufy Videos. I am almost finished with my 3rd walkthrough too!

Occasionally I will post on this website and show videos. I think I will post the videos that you might want to see the most on this website. My Youtube channel is  youtube.com/user/iamflufy . Go there for ALL of my content


I have not done one of these in ages. I will just tell what my recent videos will be.

First there will be: Flufy Transforms into a Dog

There will also be: The Story of Byronc

Lastly I will make behind the scenes of Flufys Doom and also a top (insert number here) moments of Flufys Doom

These will be done in the order i feel like it…

Flufy’s gonna make a video…some day…..dont ask me if its soon….

Flufy is gonna try something a bit different. He could do a movie called “The Story of ‘Byronc'”, a Flufian game show, and possibly a video where Flufy becomes a DOG. Maybe a cat or hamster some other day, but for now, he would do something more woofish. YOU viewers, YOU choose… which video YOU want to have next…


Mechagodzilla the Happy Man+Commercial

I forgot to put a few videos on my website so you can go to my channel on youtube (iamflufy).

Yesterday I thought of a little happy song about Mechagodzilla being a happy man in a village going for a stroll. I made a fake commercial for it below but then I decided to make an actual 35 minute 16 mile second movie.

The Commercial

The Movie Itself

Both of these movies made it to the best of iamflufy so… watch ’em.