Flufy News 7/25/12

I finally finished my videos and I will soon upload them so stay tuned. But I will give you a sneak peak of my next videos. Here they are

1-Ultraman Gaia episode 6-Metron Attack

2-Flufy’s Doom episode 2-I TOLD YOU NO STEWARTS ORANGE N CREAM!!!

3-A Walkthrough of Ultraman Monster Crisis (Because I love the game)

So I will start uploading my videos but I need Mom to upload them. So I must start filmn my new videos!

Sorry this was uploaded late

The Flufy News 7/20/2012

Welcome to The Flufy News. I have been thinking that I will have lots of videos planned. But, who cares. I mean its just a video. So i will tell you some future videos.

First, I will make Super Flufy Episode 2-This height is crazy

Second, There will be Ultraman Gaia Episode 5-Maguma Strikes

Last, I will have made a new Flufy series called Flufy’s Doom.

You might want to see this video below. I might do this on other Flufy news episodes. Just to let you know. I will be saying more stuff as days go by so stay tuned!


Flufy’s Meow Meows Club

I think that this won’t be my only flufy site. I will make 6 sites. My next will be called FLUFY’S MEOW MEOWS CLUB! But the bad part is the Woof Woofs Club is not to friendly to them so they fight back. I am almost 9 and I am planning to make the website at the age of 12 or 13 or mabye younger. But on the down side, I might be older than 13. Don’t worry! The woofs are all not real! On the website it will say if you want to join. Have fun when you about 5 years older!

The Face

in the video sleeping flufy there is a deleted scene. It was someone making a weird face. This face is called the face. The face is sometimes really important to flufy`s life. Flufy makes the face atleast 5 times a day ever since it was first made about a year ago. I really think that BOG should make the face more. Here are the top 5 lines of the face.

5.Please make the face

4.Make the face


2. Im making the face

1.Best little face

I hoped you can make this face

2 Websites

I made a new website but its much different then this one.I Am Flufy (This website) is spiecal. Symphonian Club is the new website. So far this is a better website . You can go to the new website (It`s ok  right now but there are only 2 ok posts.) or you can stay on this website . You could also go to both . The new website only has 2 ok posts. So please go to both websites. This is a very SPEICAL website so come to this website often.

Please help us make the new website better

my top 5 favorite i am flufy videos and about them (the favorites are not in order)

sleeping flufy

flufy starts in some normal pajamas and wakes up into crazy pajamas that are not all pajamas i think this is a great video you can also find it on youtube and it also has a good deleted scene its a random one to

flufy makes an apple pie part 3 putting it all together

this is a great flufy makes an apple pie video because it has outtakes and it has the crust and the filling i think you should watch it because there are some funny outtakes in it and all the outtakes took place at the end of this flufy makes and apple pie video

ultraman gaia episode 2 the red king fight

this is in interesting video because i think red king is a cool ultraman monster because of his interesting head and body and tail i also likeit because it also has tiga in it tiga loses a battle on episode 3 with ace killer and z-ton (zetton) gaia still is alive when tiga loses on episode 3 but we are suppose to be talking about episode 2 the red king fight red king comes back on episode 18 but i do not know what the episode will be called yet

ultraman gaia episode 1 gaia vs birdon

this is the episode i don’t know much about even though the episode is called gaia vs birdon baltan is also in it i just think this is a cool episode

super flufy episode 1 the dangerous height

i do not have much to write because it is only32 seconds this is the video where flufy can not climb a tree i think it is awesome because i like that super flufy keeps falling of dangerous heights

License plate game

Hi, everybody.  Flufy’s Mom here.  Flufy and I came up with a cool idea and he asked if I would post it here for him.  So here’s the scoop:

A few weeks ago, our family took a road trip. We printed out this list of the fifty states from MomsMinivan.com and spent our whole trip looking for license plates from across the country.  We’ve been back home for a while now, but we are still having fun trying to complete the list!

We thought it would be really cool if we could get people from across the United States to send Flufy pictures of their license plates, so we could collect images of all fifty states.  We’d even love to see some foreign plates, too, if you come from another country!

So if you have a minute, please snap a quick picture of the license plate on your car and either post a link to it here in the comments, or email the picture to us.  We’ll post updates now and then so everybody can see our collection of images.

Thanks for helping us out – we’re excited to see how many far away places we can collect!

[edited to add: we made a spreadsheet to chart our progress.  Feel free to check it out online (no need to download anything).]

my favriotes


1-nerf and spider wick

2-raving rabits 3

3-raving rabits 2

4-raving rabits 1


1-ice age 1 2 and3

2-start littel 1 2and 3

3-ultramn gaia

4-ultraman dyna


1-ultraman tiga


3-docktor hwo

4-vegie tales


1-one fish two fish red fish blue fish

2-the tooth book

3-the cat in the hat

4-boring office guys storys


1-march of the sinister ducks

2-show music

3-my songs

4-boring office guys songs

5-boring office guys favirote songs

wii games i no but dont have




ultmite ispy

my whole wish list

about raving rabids

silly rabits but now hit us with your plunger