Hey guys its Flufy here! And on my Youtube channel, I made a Flufian Tournament! It is where guys from Ultraman Gaia, Mechagodzilla the Happy, Man and my Flufy Shows (Flufy’s Doom, Flufy VS Charles Dickens, etc.) All of them compete in a tournament. I already have the first 3 rounds up!




Flufy and the gorilla (picture)

Flufy and the gorilla is a video with weird music and at the beginning he THINKS that he has a cold but he does not really have a cold because he hardly coughs in the video. I think this is one of my favirote i am Flufy videos but it isnt in the top 5 because this video was made after the top 5 i am flufy videos thing and i hope you enjoy Flufy and the gorilla (picture).

flufy and the apple pie part 1

Go to the martha stewart website by clicking right HERE.¬† But Flufy doesn’t like black berries so he uses a lot of apples¬† from boring farmer guy. But it does not show him getting the apples from Boring Farmer Guy.MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GROWNUP WITH YOU IF YOU ARE YOUNGER THEN A GROWNUP.