Flufy VS Charles Dickens, Gaia Episode 7 The Mutant, and Flufy’s Doom Episode 2 Attack of the Tonka!

Here you go! 3 videos you might wanna see.


Which flufy video should i post next

Hurricane Sandy

Guys, listen. Its a hurricane here in this place. All i want to do is hide in a corner with this computer. Now help me here. I NEED your help. I need YOU to do something. You see Flufy’s Doom is being delayed. But it will have to be delayed even more due to lack of internet and there will be a hurricane. I need help because of the hurricane. So there are 4 things. YOU can choose only 1 thing to do. You can:


So choose one please!

P.S. Im not really doomed here.

Flufy’s Doom

I think if you are waiting for Flufy’s Doom then you will have to wait longer. Flufy’s Doom i have already remade but now i am thinking on redoing it again. It might get uploaded today if i can 🙂

 and if you play minecraft and you see that skin to the left, and my name is iamflufy, that’s mwah

 and if you play the legend of zelda skyward sword, Levias thinks i am stupid. I do STUPID in all my games. The Guy in Twilight Princess always chooses STUPID to do his goat herding work.

So My video will try to be uploaded today this week or the next (probably this week and maybe today) 🙂

Something I haven’t done in a while. Like, never.

The Olympics. They are coming. By that i mean … OLYMPICS! STOP FOLLOWING ME! I posted that on twitter, google+ and emailed it! OH LITTLE OLYMPICS! Now i think i got off topic. Many people are making the London 2012 Olympics a big deal. I get that. BUT OH! THEY ARE NOT DONE YET! They come back and decide to make it a bigger deal and make it an advertisement on youtube! OLYMPICS! You went to far! wait. This should be about Symphonia, not the London 2012 Olympics. If I am wasting your time, stop reading this. If you think you like hearing crazy me talking about London 2012 Olympics, keep reading! So if you didn’t know yet, I am a lazy bum sitting on a couch and playing videos games in a random position. Which means, I hope I don’t get a phone call saying “Hey Flufy! Wanna play Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic games?” I would be speechless. period. SORRY FRIENDS! NO MARIO AND SONIC AT THE LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES FOR YOU! Goodbye and maybe i could do another Olympics post if wanted.

Charles Dickens NO (bonus stuff)

Charles Dickens NO was actually my 30th post on iamflufy! I would like to say that I am proud of my 30 posts. not 30 videos. 30th post! now its time to press every key on the keyboard because i never do that. Shift doesnt count though



i missed a bunch right?