The Face

in the video sleeping flufy there is a deleted scene. It was someone making a weird face. This face is called the face. The face is sometimes really important to flufy`s life. Flufy makes the face atleast 5 times a day ever since it was first made about a year ago. I really think that BOG should make the face more. Here are the top 5 lines of the face.

5.Please make the face

4.Make the face


2. Im making the face

1.Best little face

I hoped you can make this face

5 responses

  1. Hi Flufy, this is Maddie from your class, 2 of my favorite videos are, How to make an apple pie, and Sleeping Flufy.Don’t forget about Ultraman Gaia.Put maybe 1 or 2 more Ultraman Gaia Videos.

    Good Luck!!!

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