Something I haven’t done in a while. Like, never.

The Olympics. They are coming. By that i mean … OLYMPICS! STOP FOLLOWING ME! I posted that on twitter, google+ and emailed it! OH LITTLE OLYMPICS! Now i think i got off topic. Many people are making the London 2012 Olympics a big deal. I get that. BUT OH! THEY ARE NOT DONE YET! They come back and decide to make it a bigger deal and make it an advertisement on youtube! OLYMPICS! You went to far! wait. This should be about Symphonia, not the London 2012 Olympics. If I am wasting your time, stop reading this. If you think you like hearing crazy me talking about London 2012 Olympics, keep reading! So if you didn’t know yet, I am a lazy bum sitting on a couch and playing videos games in a random position. Which means, I hope I don’t get a phone call saying “Hey Flufy! Wanna play Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic games?” I would be speechless. period. SORRY FRIENDS! NO MARIO AND SONIC AT THE LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES FOR YOU! Goodbye and maybe i could do another Olympics post if wanted.

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